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Two Scotch Folk Songs arranged for String Quartet

The only item found so far is the original, undated score, which is in Peter Cork's handwriting using a fountain pen with blue-black ink on yellowing paper stitched together to form a book. The cover of the book is, itself, covered with brown paper. The complete score runs to thirteen sides of manuscript paper.

The construction of the book and the use of a fountain pen suggest it is an early work. By the mid 1960's, Peter was using black ball point pen for all of his scores.

You may download a PDF copy of the inner pages of the complete score by a left click on the link below.

score of Two Scotch Folk Songs
  The discovery of a concert programme and of a reel-to-reel monophonic tape recording of that concert suggested a connection with an item on the programme; 'Fantasia on Two Scottish Folk Songs for String Quartet (1949)'.

I am grateful for Jenny Endersby's help in checking the score of 'Two Scotch Folk Songs' and confirming that the 'Fantasia on Two Scottish Folk Songs' are indeed one and the same.

'A Concert of Music by Peter Cork' was given at Walsingham School on Friday, 15th July 1977 at 7:30pm.

The String Quartet consisted of Dorothy Wassall (vn), Eunice Chen (vn), Sally Winter (va) and Beryl Parkinson (vc).

You may listen to 'Fantasia on Two Scottish Folk Songs', which lasts for 4:01, by clicking the play symbol below.

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