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Let's All Go To The Pictures

'Let's All Go To The Pictures' is sung by a group of villagers (the chorus) with dialogue by Daphne D'Arcy Jones, Marlene and Gertrude Bugg with piano accompaniment in Act II Scene 1 of "The White Bird".

  "The White Bird" by Peter Cork is A musical story of the Cornish Fishing Village of Poldoon in the year 1942.

Written between April 1972 and July 1973, "The White Bird" was first performed at Clapham County School on the 28th and 29th March 1974.

The discovery of a concert programme and a reel-to-reel monophonic tape recording of 'A Concert of Music by Peter Cork', given at Walsingham School on Friday, 15th July 1977 at 7:30pm, provides us with an opportunity to listen to Peter Cork introducing the number and 'Let's All Go To The Pictures' itself.

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  Naomi Dixon, Fiona Gardner, Janet Goodair, Ruth Mills, Paula Mills and Maureen Russell are the singers, while Peter Cork is playing the piano in this recording.

Introduction by Peter Cork

Let's All Go To The Pictures

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