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'Half-way up the Mountain - Finale'

At the end of Act III of "Half-way up the Mountain", the entire cast sing the reprise number of the same name.

  "Half-way up the Mountain" or "The Five Talismen" is a Musical Story of a quest in the Silver Jubilee Year of 1935 by Peter Cork.

It was performed by the pupils and staff of Clapham County School in July 1976.

The discovery of a concert programme and a reel-to-reel monophonic tape recording of 'A Concert of Music by Peter Cork', given at Walsingham School on Friday, 15th July 1977 at 7:30pm, provides us with an opportunity to listen to Peter Cork introducing the finale, 'Half-way up the Mountain'.

In this concert performance the soloists are accompanied by the Walsingham School Choir and Orchestra conducted by Peter Cork.
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Introduction by Peter Cork

Half-way up the Mountain - finale

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