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Don't want to Dance!

"Don't want to Dance!" is sung first by Kate, then by Matthew before the full chorus joins in towards the end of the number. The action takes place at the Bloomsbury New Year Ball during Act II Scene 3 of the "The Will and the Way", an operetta by Peter Cork.

  "The Will and the Way" by Peter Cork is an operetta set in the 1920's and concerning the lost Will of Horatio Wellington Makepeace.

It was performed by members of the Avalon Light Operatic Society at Stanley Halls, South Norwood on the 25th, 26th and 27th of October 1979.

The discovery of a concert programme and a reel-to-reel monophonic tape recording of 'A Concert of Music by Peter Cork', given at Walsingham School on Friday, 15th July 1977 at 7:30pm, provides us with an opportunity to listen to Peter Cork introducing the number and "Don't want to Dance!" itself.

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  Fiona Gardner sings the part of Kate, Naomi Dixon sings the part of Matthew before the full chorus joins in. Peter Cork plays the piano in this recording.

Introduction by Peter Cork

Don't want to Dance!

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